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IOPO Professional Member, Accredited Mental Health First Aider, Entreprener, Service Provider


Rhiannon Kirwan

The face and heart of Monarch Domestic Services.

‘Born to serve others’

This description was next to my birth date in my Grandmother’s birthday book. As I move through life it has become increasingly apparent how true this is. I am filled with great joy when i know that my services have made someones week a little easier.

Organising and cleaning my surroundings comes easy to me. Everything in my home has a place and if it doesn’t ... it’s time to de-clutter and reorganise. I get a sense of accomplishment to leave an area better than I found it.

I am affiliated with the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO) and work within the guideline of the IOPO Code of Practice.

I’d love the opportunity to help you clean or de-clutter and get organised so you can enjoy your home again.

Tidy Closet

Business History

In the begining...

Business established in July 2007. Servicing a variety of domestic and commercial clients. Rhi’s Cleaning Services (WA) 2007-2009. Rhi’s Domestic Cleaning (Qld) 2010-2011. 2012 to 2018 the business was inactive due to starting a family, and working in the childcare industry.

Return to business...

Re-establishing and rebranding as Monarch Domestic Services in 2018 to provide Domestic Cleaning Services in the Gladstone Region . 

Business today ...

Monarch Domestic Services has an appreciation of our Client's busy lifestyles and an awareness that there are more ways to help people in their homes​. We are excited to now be able to offer a Professional Organising Service.