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Interview with Helena Sant - Personal Stylist

No-nonsense tips to inspire your next wardrobe cleanse


It’s hard to think of something worse than rummaging through draws and wardrobes full of clothes, shoes and accessories only to discover that one piece you wanted to wear no longer suits or fits you.

NOTHING to wear … despite having a room overflowing with garments.

I think it’s safe to say we all know how that feels.


Have you met Helena Sant?

Our very own Central Queensland based Personal Stylist, who loves to

‘inspire, motivate and educate’ people ‘to become the best version of themselves through style’

I recently reached out to Helena to get her point of view in regards to creating a personalised and functional wardrobe. She was more than happy to connect and answer some questions.


Do we need a wardrobe full of clothing and accessories to have great style?

"Absolutely not, you don't need more clothes, you need the right ones that fit and this is why knowing your own individual Personal Style is so important! We tend to only wear 20% of our entire wardrobe so it's crucial that we spend our money on pieces that we can create several different looks for and transform for different occasions. I always say it's about having balance and harmony in the wardrobe such as having those beautiful signature pieces that can be matched with the basics. Gone are the days where you save those gorgeous signature pieces for special occasions, by having the basics to pair with them, you can make the school run so much more fun!"

How often do you recommend we schedule time to edit our wardrobes?

"It's important to revisit the wardrobe every 6 months and prepare for the new season in advance.

This is so you can be aware of what pieces you might be missing in your wardrobe, donate or discard the pieces that no longer fit or don't align with your personal style anymore.

I find it helpful to keep your clothes in order from front to back to suit the season and by doing this in preparation for the upcoming season will help you remember what's in your wardrobe."

What are some things to consider to help us decide what clothing to keep and what to discard?

"I absolutely love what I do and I love it even more when I conduct a wardrobe cleanse with my client and we discover pieces that have been lost in the deep dark depths of their wardrobe that were forgotten."

"5 tips to consider:

  1. Understand your Personal Style and if you are having trouble with this, then invest in a qualified Personal Stylist to help discover what that looks like.

  2. Understand your body shape and what cuts, styles, colours work for you.

  3. Does the piece still fit you?

  4. Have you worn this in the last 6 - 12 months?

  5. Does piece suit your lifestyle now?"

What are the benefits of a capsule wardrobe?

"I always recommend to my clients that we construct a 10 – 15 piece capsule wardrobe whether it's for work or everyday including accessories and footwear.

A capsule wardrobe eliminates the stress of choosing what to wear in the morning, saves you time & money and is basically the ultimate mix and match wardrobe. They are basically fool proof because everything works with each other and allows you to be more confident in what you are wearing plus they are good for the planet, by reducing the amount of clothing we purchase therefore reducing waste."


Professional Organisers and Personal Stylists compliment each other with the role they play for Clients. They both coach Clients to curate personal belongings and they both recognise the positive impact a curated wardrobe has for our clients lives.

Professional Organisers can support you in multiple areas of the home. Helping you examine your relationship to space, time and belongings, therefore creating a more simplified and streamlined home environment.

A Personal Stylist works with you to refine a personal style that enhances your confidence and complements your character and lifestyle.


If you are tackling a Wardrobe cleanse alone, avoid the overwhelm and focus on how a decluttered and organised wardrobe will improve your quality of life.

  • Less mess, more space and easy to access - find what you need, when you need it.

  • Reduced stress and improved confidence while mix and matching an outfit

  • Peace of mine. Have more time to spend on other areas of your life and avoid being late to work or an event.

  • Save Money – You’ll be less likely to purchase items that won’t match or too many multiples and items will last longer as they will be cared for better.

  • Be empowered. Make peace with your body and have more energy to tackle your goals.


Helena is full of wisdom, super friendly and approachable. If you have any more questions or enquires about her services, I recommend that you head over to her socials to follow and connect with her.


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